Osaarilaa Raa Sid Sriram Oka Padhakam Prakaram Mp3 Song Download Masstamilan

sid sriram s oka padhakam mp3 song download

Welcome to this article discussing the mp3 song 'Osaarilaa Raa' by Sid Sriram from the movie Oka Padhakam Prakaram. This popular song, composed by Rahul Raj and with lyrics by Rehman, has garnered significant popularity in India.

In this article, we aim to provide you with essential information about the song, including where and how to download it.

When it comes to downloading the song, reputable websites such as starmusiq.com and masstamilan.com offer the option to download 'Osaarilaa Raa' at different bit rates. These websites are known for their extensive collection of Tamil songs and provide a convenient platform for music enthusiasts to access new releases.

Additionally, we will provide you with information about the DMCA compliance, privacy policy, contact details, and copyright notice of masstamilan.com.

Our article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the song, its availability, and the website where you can download it hassle-free.

Key Takeaways

  • 'Osaarilaa Raa' is a song from the movie 'Oka Padhakam Prakaram' sung by Sid Sriram and composed by Rahul Raj with lyrics by Rehman.
  • The combination of vocals, composition, and lyrics make the song a must-listen and promises an engaging cinematic experience.
  • The song can be downloaded in mp3 format from websites like starmusiq.com and masstamilan.com, which provide a user-friendly interface and a wide range of Tamil songs.
  • Masstamilan website ensures DMCA compliance, provides privacy policy and contact information, and offers a seamless and enjoyable experience for song downloads.

Song Information

The song information for 'Osaarilaa Raa' by Sid Sriram in the movie Oka Padhakam Prakaram includes details such as the singer, music composer, and lyricist.

Sid Sriram is the talented singer who lends his voice to this mesmerizing song.

The music composition is done by Rahul Raj, who showcases his creative prowess in crafting a captivating melody.

The lyrics for 'Osaarilaa Raa' are penned by Rehman, who weaves poetic verses that beautifully complement the music.

This song is a wonderful collaboration of talented individuals who have come together to create a musical masterpiece.

The combination of Sid Sriram's soulful vocals, Rahul Raj's melodic composition, and Rehman's poetic lyrics make 'Osaarilaa Raa' a must-listen for music enthusiasts.

Song Details

Moving on to the subtopic of 'Song Details' in the article titled 'Osaarilaa Raa Sid Sriram Oka Padhakam Prakaram Mp3 Song Download Masstamilan', let's delve into the specific details of the song. Below is a table providing key information about the song:

Song Details
Movie name Oka Padhakam Prakaram
Song name Osaarilaa Raa
Singer Sid Sriram
Music composer Rahul Raj
Lyricist Rehman
Country India
Music bit rate 128 Kbps or 320 Kbps
Website to download the song starmusiq.com
Another website to download the song masstamilan.com
DMCA information

These details provide essential information about the song, including the movie it belongs to, the singer, music composer, lyricist, and the country of origin. Additionally, it mentions the music bit rate and provides websites where the song can be downloaded from. The inclusion of DMCA information ensures compliance with copyright laws.

Other Website Information

What information can be found on the Masstamilan website?

The Masstamilan website provides various other website information apart from song details. This includes a privacy policy that outlines how user data is collected and used. Contact information is also available, allowing users to reach out with any queries or concerns. The website includes a copyright notice, indicating that all rights are reserved for the content on the site. Additionally, the website assures compliance with DMCA regulations, ensuring that copyrighted material is properly managed.

Masstamilan offers a user-friendly interface for easy access to new songs, making it convenient for users to download their favorite tracks. The website focuses on key points and facts, providing a reliable platform for music enthusiasts.

Song Title and Artist

Continuing from the previous subtopic, we now delve into the specifics of the song title and artist for 'Osaarilaa Raa' from the movie Oka Padhakam Prakaram, sung by Sid Sriram.

  • Sid Sriram, a talented singer known for his soulful renditions, delivers a captivating performance in 'Osaarilaa Raa'.
  • The song title, 'Osaarilaa Raa', reflects the emotion and essence of the track, adding intrigue and curiosity for listeners.
  • 'Oka Padhakam Prakaram', the movie from which the song is featured, promises to be an engaging cinematic experience.
  • The mp3 format allows for easy accessibility and enjoyment of the song, making it convenient for music enthusiasts.
  • Masstamilan, a popular website, provides a reliable platform to download 'Osaarilaa Raa' and explore other Tamil songs.

With Sid Sriram's mesmerizing vocals and the intriguing title, 'Osaarilaa Raa' from Oka Padhakam Prakaram is a song worth experiencing, and Masstamilan ensures a hassle-free download process.

Masstamilan Website Details

Transitioning into the subtopic of 'Masstamilan Website Details', we delve into the specifics of this popular platform for downloading Tamil songs. Masstamilan is a website that offers a wide range of Tamil songs for download. It provides an easy and convenient way for music enthusiasts to access new songs. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily navigate through the website and find their favorite songs. The website also offers a song download option, allowing users to save their favorite tracks to their devices. Masstamilan is known for its extensive collection of Tamil songs, making it a go-to platform for music lovers. Overall, Masstamilan provides a seamless and enjoyable experience for Tamil music aficionados.

Key Points Facts Emotions
Wide range of Tamil songs Easy and convenient access Excitement
User-friendly interface Song download option available Satisfaction
Extensive collection of songs Seamless and enjoyable experience Joy

DMCA Information

The DMCA information on the Masstamilan website provides users with necessary details regarding copyright and intellectual property rights. It is important for users to understand the legal implications of downloading copyrighted material.

Here are some key points regarding the DMCA information on Masstamilan:

  • Explanation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and its purpose.
  • Guidance on how to file a DMCA takedown notice if copyrighted material is found on the website without permission.
  • Information on the consequences of copyright infringement, including potential legal actions and penalties.
  • Instructions on how to properly use and share copyrighted content to avoid infringement.
  • Contact information for reporting any copyright-related issues or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Download the Song 'Osaarilaa Raa' by Sid Sriram From the Movie 'Oka Padhakam Prakaram' in Mp3 Format?

To download the song "Osaarilaa Raa" by Sid Sriram from the movie "Oka Padhakam Prakaram" in mp3 format, you can visit websites like starmusiq.com or masstamilan.com. These platforms offer easy access to new songs for download.

What Is the Duration of the Song 'Osaarilaa Raa' by Sid Sriram From the Movie 'Oka Padhakam Prakaram'?

The duration of the song "Osaarilaa Raa" by Sid Sriram from the movie "Oka Padhakam Prakaram" is currently unavailable. For accurate information, please refer to the official soundtrack or streaming platforms.

Can I Find the Lyrics of the Song 'Osaarilaa Raa' by Sid Sriram From the Movie 'Oka Padhakam Prakaram' on the Masstamilan Website?

The Masstamilan website provides a platform to download songs, however, it does not mention the availability of lyrics. It is recommended to explore other websites or sources specifically focused on song lyrics.

Is the Song 'Osaarilaa Raa' by Sid Sriram Available for Streaming on Any Music Platforms?

Yes, the song "Osaarilaa Raa" by Sid Sriram is available for streaming on various music platforms. It can be found on popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

Are There Any Other Songs by Sid Sriram From the Movie 'Oka Padhakam Prakaram' Available for Download on the Masstamilan Website?

There are other songs by Sid Sriram from the movie "Oka Padhakam Prakaram" available for download on the Masstamilan website. Users can easily access and download these songs from the platform.


In conclusion, 'Osaarilaa Raa' by Sid Sriram is a popular mp3 song from the movie Oka Padhakam Prakaram.

It can be downloaded from reputable websites such as starmusiq.com and masstamilan.com, which offer different bit rates for the convenience of music enthusiasts.

Masstamilan.com, in particular, provides a comprehensive platform for Tamil song downloads and ensures DMCA compliance, privacy protection, and copyright notice.

This article has provided essential information about the song and the website where it can be downloaded hassle-free.

Remember to support the artists by downloading their music legally.


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